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Hartsig assists with George W. Bush Presidential Library ground restoration

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ted Hartsig, CPSSThe George W. Bush Presidential Library was dedicated April 25 in Dallas, Texas, and Ted Hartsig played a leading role in its construction. Under Ted’s leadership for the last two years, Olsson Associates has provided services for the soils restoration, installation, and management for the center’s 23-acre grounds that were established as a native Texas landscape.

“The project was one where we implemented leading edge practices with restoration and we learned a great deal,” said Hartsig. “What it comes down to, however, is effectively balancing water, vegetation and soil and paying close attention to the chemistry, physics, and biology of the soil.”

Soil restoration was recognized as a critical factor in establishing a successful landscape restoration. ”We were able to achieve a much more rapid, successful establishment of native vegetation than is typically seen because we were able to understand and give attention to small details of the total ecology that are often overlooked” said Hartsig. Paying close attention to those details helped to provide planned results for today’s opening along with many other benefits.

Hartsig worked with other professionals in the Kansas City area that provided key expertise to the project, including Turf Design and Diagnostics in Linwood, Kansas, and Jeffrey L. Bruce of Kansas City, Missouri.

And the grounds were in full, rich display for the library’s dedication today. Laura Bush said during the ceremony that the grounds reflected the native Texas landscape and were green and sustainable.

Incorporating attention to such details is not limited to Texas. Hartsig’s experience in Texas is being applied to other projects that he is working on, including restoring the National Park Service grounds at the St. Louis Arch and restoring the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Riverside Park, which covers an extensive area along the Arkansas River. Understanding the ecology of landscapes, whether they are urban or rural, is essential in developing or restoring successful environments. Hartsig often uses his expertise in soil science in combination with Olsson experts in water resources, wetlands, prairie ecology, and geology to complete successful site restoration projects.

George W. Bush Presidential Library grounds

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