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The projects highlighted here illustrate our collaborative, client-focused approach to solving problems and enhancing communities all across the nation. If you'd like to hear more about the types of projects we've completed or the services we provide, let us know by contacting one of our Olsson offices or call us at 877.831.6389.

Aerial Survey of Kokopelli Trail

Olsson provided unmanned aerial survey of a proposed trail expansion to the Kokopelli Trail network

Aksarben Village

The redevelopment of this former horse-racing property is an urban, mixed-use development. It has state-of-the-art research facilities, offices, retail, lodging, academics, entertainment and residential components.

Alamosa Water Project

Olsson assisted city officials in selecting location and construction specifications for a new elevated water storage reservoir and related infrastructure.

Alma Municipal Airport

Olsson has provided engineering services for the Alma Municipal Airport since 2006. The NDA chose an Olsson runway project as the 2013 Project of the Year.

Amtrak Survey

Olsson provided survey services for more than 100 Amtrak stations across the United States.

Antelope Valley Revitalization

Olsson provided transportation, traffic, and stormwater engineering services for this $240 million infrastructure project, which was the catalyst for long-term development in Lincoln’s core.

Arizona State Campus Improvements

Olsson's Landscape Architecture team completed master planning and design services for ASU’s North Campus Improvements project. This high-priority project was completed in four months.

Ballparks of America

Olsson provided services to this multi-phase, ultimate youth baseball complex located at the Factory Merchants Branson Mall.

Broken Bow Wind Farm

Several Olsson teams helped develop and construct 50 wind turbines that will generate 80 megawatts of power in Custer County, Nebraska.

Cheyenne County Municipal Airport

Olsson assisted the airport in securing FAA grants to improve airport amenities and provided the airport a full range of airport engineering services.

Children's Campus of Kansas City

Olsson provided site design services for this educational facility that houses numerous services for low-income children and their families. The team achieved a LEED® Silver certification for the project.

City Center Stream Restoration

The City of Lenexa, Kansas, selected Olsson Associates to provide geomorphic assessment and stream restoration design for a half-mile reach of natural stream impacted by past mining operations.

Clay Center Transmission Line

Working with limited right-of-way restrictions, Olsson designed a new switching station, substation, and 115-kilovolt transmission line extension. 

Cozad Fiber to the Home

Olsson Associates was contracted to design a state-of-the-art Fiber–to-the-Home (FTTH) deployment, bringing 1 Gbps of bandwidth to more than 2,100 businesses and residences within the Cozad city limits.

Diverging Diamond Interchange

Olsson designed this relatively new and innovative transportation concept that improves interchange flow.

Emergency Services for UPRR Bridge

Olsson provided immediate, emergency permitting and bridge replacement planning, and coordinated with UPRR and regulatory agencies.

Evelyn Sharp Field General Aviation

Olsson provided design and construction oversight for an innovative design that combined the airport’s terminal and T-hangar, saving the client thousands in construction costs.

Former Natural Gas Compressor Station

Olsson is assisting with compliance and remediation activities for this former natural gas compressor station.

Fort Hood Compost Facility Upgrades

Olsson provided technical evaluation for Fort Hood’s compost facility operations, making compost operations more efficient and less expensive.

Gateway Arch Soil Renovation

Olsson provided technical soils evaluation, design, and management plans for the new landscape design at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, the site of St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch.

George W. Bush Presidential Center

Olsson provided innovative services to restore, install, and manage the center’s 23-acre grounds’ native Texas landscape.

Grange Hall Creek Channel Improvements

Olsson Associates provided channel improvements, including protecting existing sanitary sewer lines, stabilizing the channel banks and thalweg, and protecting the pedestrian trail near the creek.

Iowa DOT ITS Services

The Iowa DOT  has looked to Olsson to design and oversee construction of fiber and wireless communications to traffic surveillance devices, DOT facilities, and partner agency locations across the state.

John Deere Regional Marketing Facility

Olsson provided a master plan and design services for this facility, which achieved a Gold LEED-accredited rating.


Joplin Mercy Hospital

In May 2011, an EF-5 tornado destroyed the Joplin hospital. Olsson provided negotiation for all off-site property acquisitions, including easements, right-of-way, and property acquisitions for the new hospital. 

Kansas State University Projects

Olsson provided multiple services for seven projects on the Kansas State University Campus, including design work on the new chilled water plant.

KC Metro Long Range Transit Plan

Olsson’s transit planning team is involved with developing a plan to implement an expanded regional transit system. 

Kum & Go Nationwide Services

Currently, Olsson's survey team works with approximately 70 percent of Kum and Go's projects in 10 states.

Lafayette Interceptor Drain and Outlet

Olsson Associates served as the prime consultant for the second segment of this regional drainage system in eastern Phoenix. This project was the winner of the 2014 ACEC Arizona Engineering Excellence Honor Award.

Lake Thunderbird

Olsson surveyed all of the rivers and creeks contributing into Thunderbird Lake from Norman and came up with a plan to limit the amount of pollutants discharged into the lake.


Lake Wanahoo

Numerous Olsson teams were involved in the lake’s design, which was constructed for the purpose of long-term development of wetlands, flood reduction, and public recreation.

Legends Outlets Kansas City

Ochsner Hare & Hare (OHH) provided conceptual design and design development services for hardscape, landscape, and irrigation.

Lincoln's Double Roundabout

Olsson designed and helped oversee construction of a unique, double roundabout, which minimized traffic flow, provided functionality and safety improvements to the transportation network.

May Avenue Bridge

Olsson Associates provided multiple services for the initial assessment, analysis, and design of the damaged portion of the collapsed bridge for the City of Oklahoma City.

McIntyre Gulch

Olsson provided hydrologic and hydraulic design and construction management to stabilize 1,500 feet of drainageway for Jefferson Public Schools.

Metcalf Ave/Shawnee Mission Bus Corridor

Olsson Associates was selected to design transit-related improvements for his wide-reaching corridor that included multiple cities and jurisdictions.

Murdock Wetland Phytoremediation

Olsson developed a wetland design that helped the phytoremediation site remove contaminants from the groundwater aquifer beneath Murdock, Nebraska.

N. 14th Street Multilane Roundabout

To address capacity and safety concerns along a major traffic route, Olsson’s Transportation team provides design services to widen 14th Street and construct a roundabout at a heavily traveled intersection. 

Nebraska Innovation Campus’ C.R.E.S.

Olsson used reclaimed wastewater treatment plant water to heat and cool Nebraska Innovation Campus' buildings. Winner of the 2015 ACEC Nebraska Engineering Excellence Honor Award.

Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory

Olsson assisted the state in choosing a site that would fit the unique needs of the crime laboratory. Olsson also provided mechanical and electrical engineering design, bidding, and construction administration services.

Norfolk's 25th Street Improvements

Olsson’s Transportation team improved Norfolk’s 25th Street to increase safety and traffic capacity for this major thoroughfare.

Norris Viaduct

Olsson provided traffic analysis and design, environmental assessment, and public involvement for this major traffic route in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

North Platte Regional Airport

Olsson's airport team has provided cost effective and long-lasting pavement rehabilitation while maintaining airport traffic at the North Platte Regional Airport since 2004.

Old Cross Cut Canal

Our water resources team provided design services to connect the existing Old Cross Cut Canal extension with a future drainage system in the Arcadia neighborhood in Phoenix.

Operation Green Light

Olsson has been involved in several projects, including field communication design, signal enhancements, and signal timing optimization.

Overland Park Soccer Complex

Green practices were incorporated to maintain and enhance the surrounding natural corridor, while removing pollutants found in stormwater runoff, reducing erosion, and minimizing frequent flooding.

Papago Park Master Plan

The regional master plan created a shared set of objectives, policies, and goals through examination of past master plans, extensive public involvement, stakeholders interviews, focus groups, and committees. 


Olsson provided all civil site work and Olsson and Ochsner Hare & Hare created an interpretive trail/wetland for this project.

Project Shore Office Building and Data Center

Olsson provided multiple services to design a data center and attached office building in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Rio Blanco County Compressor Station

Olsson provided associated services for compressor station design and installation in Colorado.

Rio Vista Community Park

Olsson designed Peoria's first community park and master plan with consideration and integration of diverse recreational programming needs.

Sar-Ko-Par Park Lake Restoration

Olsson provided significant park and lake improvements to this community park, earning the project team a 2013 APWA award.

Sarpy County EPA Brownfields Project

Under contract with Sarpy County, Olsson applied for and administered an EPA Brownfields grant, which funded a comprehensive Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

Sedalia Wastewater Improvements

Olsson provided design and professional services to develop and implement a $30 million, seven-year program of improvements to Sedalia’s wastewater facilities.

Shawnee Mission Lake Restoration

Olsson Associates worked to improve the water quality of the lake and addressed substandard dam safety conditions.

Sproul Water Booster Station

Olsson designed this reinforced concrete structure to house five booster pumps that would accommodate current and future area housing developments.

Sterling Ridge

Olsson is providing land development, landscape architecture, and field services for this new development in Omaha.

The Legends at Sparks Marina

Ochsner Hare & Hare, a design studio of Olsson Associates, provided services that included conceptual design and design development for this Reno and Sparks, Nevada area entertainment development.

Theresa Street Grit Removal, Pump Station

Olsson updated and improved the functionality of the Theresa Street Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Thomas County Airport

For almost a decade, Olsson has had a significant role in providing the airport with cost-effective solutions for their runway and airport surface projects.

Three-Mile Creek Trail

For this award-winning project, Olsson provided services for this trail that incorporated the town’s rich history with the area’s natural beauty.

Thunder Basin Watershed Study

Olsson completed a Level I watershed study for the Lower Cheyenne River Watershed that became the foundation for decisions on the area’s watershed management activities and improvements.

Underwood Substation

This Lake City, Minnesota, project involved installing a new substation and modifying the existing substation by Olsson's Power Electrical team.

UPRR, Milam to Gibbon, Second Main Track

Olsson designed the extension of an existing UPRR siding track to create 4.2 miles of second main track.

Waterford Estates

Olsson provided numerous services to create a 650-acre mixed use community around a 65-acre flood control lake in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Western Road Widening

Olsson Associates provided multiple services to widen Western Road. Western Road is located on the west side of the OSU campus, and it’s located within the drainage basin of a Natural Resources Conservation Service dam.

Wichita Transit Community Outreach

Olsson worked to create awareness, educate and engage stakeholders and the traveling public, and motivate long-term behavioral changes related to transit services within the community.

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