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Jul 19 2017

Senior living facility in Joplin, Missouri will offer variety of care

Most of us desire to remain in our own homes as we age. But, when those plans can’t be realized, caregivers of elderly people look for alternative living environments. A new senior living facility is ...

Jul 18 2017

Shelter from the storm: a history of design standards for storm shelters

It’s funny, but true; those of us living and working in Tornado Alley are more likely to run outside and look to the sky when the storm sirens blow than seek shelter in the basement. But, when that to...

Jul 17 2017

Missouri town looks to Olsson to resolve flood plain problem

It had been a while since the City of Lebanon, Missouri, took a hard look at their Federal Emergency Management Agency flood insurance rate maps. After recent floods, the city had a suspicion the maps...

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