Olsson Associates

Life at Olsson Associates

Imagine a place where responsibility is shared equally among all employees. Where information is open and rewards are shared. Where success is measured by people and their accomplishments.   

Now imagine yourself working at Olsson Associates.  


To keep our firm nimble and adaptable to change, we maintain a flat organizational structure. Our firm is built around a multi-team concept, with each team centered on a discipline within an office. Each team functions with a high level of autonomy and responsibility but the inter-team relationships are collaborative rather than competitive.  

The firm as a whole functions on a bottom-up rather than a top-down information flow. The atmosphere is informal -- titles and office size are not status symbols here -- and all employees are encouraged to take initiative, anticipate change, and demonstrate leadership.

We've purposefully organized our firm into small teams, a formula that has kept us flexible enough to achieve great results. Being part of a small team gives our employees a strong sense of belonging and accountability--no one gets lost in the crowd, no one can hide. And because we are so results-oriented, there is little room for excuses. We have challenges in place of excuses--no cop-outs, just challenges that we problem-solve until we get results that make our clients happy.

Small Office Flavor

At Olsson, communication and collaboration are encouraged, dress is informal, the work environment is pleasant, the normal work week is 4.5 days, and flex time is an option.  

Our Mission -- Why we exist

At Olsson Associates we develop outstanding client relationships and execute successful infrastructure projects that go beyond technical expertise, conducting ourselves with integrity and taking ownership in each of our projects.

Our Vision -- Where we want to go

Olsson Associates is a nationally-recognized consulting firm that delivers seamless high-quality service and problem solving for diverse clients. Our dynamic work environment creates an ownership culture that produces outstanding business results.  

Our Values -- How we want to behave

>>Integrity. We have consistency in our actions, values, and practices; we endeavor to embody the highest ethical standards at all times.

>>Entrepreneurial Spirit. Our employees challenge the status quo and are creative and innovative in the solutions we deliver to our clients.  

>>Client Responsiveness. We listen and respond, understanding the needs and expectations of our clients. We insure the safety of the public and act as a trusted partner in every project.  

>>Accountability. We stand behind our technical solutions and understand we have an ethical and fiscal responsibility for all that we do to support our clients and employees, including providing a safe and secure working environment.

>>Teamwork. We empower team members to take ownership of their responsibilities and hold each other mutually and individually accountable, recognizing that ultimately acting together in the best interest of our clients will provide the greatest value.

>>Community Focused. We are mindful of the impact our projects have on communities and the environment, knowing that our firm’s success is rooted in the outcome of projects and the livability they promote to all that touch them.

Employee Commitment

We have high expectations of our employees, and they, in turn, make our success possible. We strive to create the kind of environment that fosters deep commitment from our employees by giving them the tools they need to do their jobs, and by maintaining a respectful, creative, and inclusive workplace. In turn, our employees are deeply committed to our clients, our projects, our firm, to each other, and to their profession. We believe everyone has something to contribute.


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