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Compensation and Benefits

Olsson believes our employees are our greatest asset and the key to our success. As such, we strive to create an environment in which all employees encounter many new challenges and rewards. Our compensation and benefits program is intended to provide for our employees, to recognize their contributions to the firm, and to reward outstanding performance.

Base Salary

We offer competitive base salaries, which are evaluated annually to determine the market value for similar positions in our geographic area.

Performance-Based Bonus

Olsson Associates' bonus program is designed to reward performance on many levels company-wide and for teams and individuals. Our basic goal is to share profit with the teams and individuals who help generate it.

Insurance Benefits

Olsson Associates' insurance program provides comprehensive benefits to employees and their dependants, including health, dental, vision, life, and short- and long-term disability insurance.

Retirement Plan

Olsson offers a cash or deferred retirement and trust plan approved by the IRS, with many investment options through MassMutual. Employees can enroll immediately, provided they are 21 years of age. Employees may contribute up to 100 percent of their compensation, not to exceed the IRS annual limits, and are 100 percent vested immediately.

Employees have two options for withholding: a pre-tax deferral deposited into a 401(k) or an after-tax deferral deposited into the Roth 401(k). Rollovers from other qualified plans are allowed.

Employee Ownership

All employees have the opportunity to become owners in the firm through Olsson Associates' stock bonus program, which provides eligible employees with bonuses to purchase shares of company stock. The number of shares an individual can purchase depends primarily on his or her commitment to the firm and overall responsibilities.

Employees also may choose to participate in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This program enables employees to share in the growth and prosperity of Olsson Associates and to accumulate capital for retirement. Olsson Associates typically makes an annual contribution to the ESOP for each qualifying participant; this contribution is a percentage of the firm's gross salary. This plan will function during times of ownership transition and may or may not be a part of the firm's benefits program in the future.

Paid Time Off

We understand that employees need to spend time away from work for a variety of individual reasons--holidays, family time, illnesses, and vacations are just a few. Our Paid Time Off (PTO) program allows employees the flexibility to take time off with pay. Employees earn PTO according to length of service with the firm.

Continuing Education

The firm provides tuition reimbursement or cost sharing upon approval immediately following employment, with the exception of new graduates who will be eligible after one year of continuous employment. The percentage of reimbursement is based on the course content and the value of the course of study to the firm.

Employee Wellness Program

The firm has a corporate wellness program designed to promote the benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyles. The program centers upon a point system, which rewards healthful behavior with incentives when given point levels are achieved.


The firm provides parking for regular full-time and permanent part-time employees.

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