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Water resources services expands to help Colorado’s western slope and beyond

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Luke Gingerich, PE, Water Resources

With 80 percent of Colorado’s water resources originating on Colorado’s western slope, agricultural water suppliers and municipal water providers located there can be assured they’ve got expertise right in their backyards to help navigate water demand challenges as Colorado’s population continues to grow. Olsson Associates has developed a full-service Water Resources team on Colorado’s western slope to assist communities and water users in addressing growing demands for water resources. 

Olsson’s Water Resources team assists clients with engineering design and helps to secure funding, address water rights issues, and navigate the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. These areas of expertise are key to clients’ water resources infrastructure improvements on the western slope of Colorado.

The team’s experience with agricultural producers and canal companies lends itself well in identifying funding opportunities that can help address infrastructure improvements needed on the western slope. For example, the Federal Bureau of Reclamation has funding resources available for projects that lower salinity levels in the Colorado River through improved conveyance efficiency. Olsson’s understanding of this funding process and the federal prioritization methods can guide clients so that they receive the highest possible ranking, thus ensuring greater funding success with a variety of federal funding programs.

After federal funds are awarded, federal requirements must be met through the NEPA process. Olsson has a long history of environmental compliance work and can help western slope clients successfully meet NEPA requirements.

Olsson is also committed to helping western slope municipal clients with their water resources needs. The water resources team in Grand Junction has a solid understanding of water rights, and team members have multiple years of experience developing municipal master plans, addressing water and wastewater treatment needs, and improving floodplain management and urban drainage.

To learn more about how Olsson can help address increasing water demand issues for agricultural water suppliers and municipal providers, please contact me at 970.263.7800 or lgingerich@olssonassociates.com.

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