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Twenty-two-year remediation project in northern Colorado comes to a close

Friday, October 14, 2016

Edie Adams, Marketing

It’s an impressive drive to get there – through the scenic mountains of northwestern Colorado. The area was once home to a crude oil pumping facility and natural gas compressor station.

In 1994, John Lohner, the corporate oil and gas program leader for Olsson, began the remediation project for the area. In 2016, the project was finally complete. The final closure to the former Walden Compressor station came with a mix of emotions to the Golden Environmental team.

“We have always prided ourselves in solving these complex remediation projects, and we accomplished the end goal,” John said. “However, we will sorely miss driving through the scenic mountains to the project site. It was common to see moose, elk, and other wildlife near our site, and getting paid by our client to work in such a beautiful area was a joy. Well, good things tend to come to an end at some point, and we look forward to the next technically challenging remediation project.”

Olsson’s site remediation, where soils and groundwater were affected with phase-separated hydrocarbons, was accomplished through the application of a variety of technologies. Through many years, the site was investigated by installing a groundwater monitoring network, and source soils were removed and disposed of at permitted landfills. Other technologies employed at the site included the installation of a product recovery system and use of chemical oxidation and carbon capture compounds (as shown in the photograph below).

Olsson also used iSOC® technology at the site to infuse oxygen into the groundwater to aid bio-degradation. In July 2016, the site was granted final closure by the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. Today, the groundwater in the area is safe to drink.

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