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Olsson serves as trusted on-call consultant for Denver Housing Authority

Friday, September 15, 2017

Edie Adams, Marketing

“Affordable Housing” is becoming a buzz word in the State of Colorado, and particularly in the Denver Metro Area. As new urban neighborhoods and skyscrapers are pushing prices higher, it has become crucial that existing affordable developments keep their space intact and available, and many developers are creating new spaces to balance out the rapidly growing housing market. Olsson Associates has become involved in numerous projects with several housing authorities in the area to help make affordable housing available.

In 2016, the Denver Housing Authority (DHA) sought qualified firms to provide geotechnical and materials testing services on an as-needed basis for upcoming residential rental construction projects. So far, Olsson has provided these services for two developments in Denver:

  • DHA Headquarters
  • Lowry Apartments

The depth and detail of Olsson’s reporting of on-site testing and activities aided each project’s progress and transparency, allowing for smooth communication and collaboration.

DHA has expressed appreciation not only for the breadth of services Olsson provides, but also for the specific, contract requirements Olsson adheres to, including solidly partnering and sharing work with local minority and women-owned businesses. Olsson has received positive feedback from the City and County of Denver (CCD), regarding the high-quality third-party inspection services provided during the installation of public utility systems that feed the new affordable housing developments.

There are many development projects planned within the Denver Metro Area by the DHA, and CCD has begun to rely on Olsson to provide thorough, accurate inspections of each to ensure that the city’s infrastructure adheres to its high standards. The first year of the contract went extremely well, and it is anticipated that Olsson and the DHA will continue their on-call relationship for the next several years.

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