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Olsson continues providing support to its Colorado oil and gas clients

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Jeff Edson, Field Operations

For decades, the oil and gas industry has sprawled across the state of Colorado, providing fuel for thousands of homes, jobs for thousands of people, and millions of dollars to local businesses. As development for energy resources picks up in the Denver, Uintah, Permian, Anadarko, and other basins, Olsson Associates continues to provide quality engineering and construction oversight services to our clients. Olsson’s Denver-based Field Services team supports its clients with geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and construction observation services.

Although the industry has not recovered fully to pre-recession levels, it must continue to invest in itself and move forward. As part of this effort, Olsson has been supporting our oil and gas clients with numerous efforts on new builds for compressor stations, terminals, pipelines, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) crossings, tank and pipe installations, and water treatment facilities around the Rocky Mountain region.

The Olsson team has provided everything from basic geotechnical borings and reporting, to advanced in-situ testing for site construction development including electrical, seismic, and thermal testing of the subsurface. One of the key components of our team’s success, as noted by our repeat clients, is our highly qualified personnel and the knowledge and value they bring to the clients’ projects. Another key component of Olsson’s excellent performance is our ability to adjust or scale our services to meet client needs, which is essential in the fast-paced world of energy.

Olsson is currently part of a powerful team completing construction oversight on a new compressor station built in Weld County, Colorado, for a major oil and gas client. This is the first of two new compressor stations
to be constructed this year with Olsson providing construction oversight of the civil and structural portions of the projects. This effort includes everything from civil inspection and testing, to the inspection and testing of foundation elements, both deep and shallow, for the projects.

Our clients continue to look to Olsson personnel to provide the quality, service, and professionalism those clients expect and deserve.

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