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New concept in commercial and residential spaces takes shape in Northern Colorado

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Edie Adams, Marketing

Olsson Associates is poised on the brink of a large legacy project in Severance, Colorado. The firm’s Loveland General Civil team is already heavily invested in this area, having been performing work on the Severance Shores North Project. Severance Shores South is a unique development featuring a mixture of homes, businesses, and parks.

This project began with an interesting confluence of events and people. Olsson’s Northern Colorado Business Development Leader, Kris Pickett, and Industrial Site Program Leader, Courtney Dunbar, met with several officials in economic development positions and with commercial brokers in the Northern Colorado area. One of these commercial brokers connected Olsson with the owners of three-quarters of the 550-acre Severance South property in 2006.

The Town of Severance is currently annexing and zoning the land, and then the project will go on to development.

OHH, a design studio of Olsson’s, was brought in for master planning, which included a charrette with nine alternatives for the mixed-use land. The land is slated to be an “urban node,” a revolutionary concept that allows commercial and residential spaces to blend together in flexible zoning. The land will also include open space with trails, parks, and undeveloped parcels to preserve the natural feel of the area.

Olsson will perform conceptual design engineering, floodplain analysis, a traffic study, environmental services, geotech, utilities, stormwater, water rights coordination, survey, and zoning services, with the potential to perform engineering design, construction documents and administration, and branding services as the project moves forward.

“This is a significant opportunity for Olsson to showcase our full range of services,” said Kris Pickett. “Olsson could potentially be involved for the next two decades, making this an incredible legacy project. The project will be situated along the southern gateway to the Town of Severance, giving us good visibility and the ability to be involved in a project that is critically impactful to the town. It is the primary opportunity the town has for a retail and employment-based center to spur growth.”

One challenge of this project will be to develop a strategy to use all the water sources on this property. There is significant value in creating a non-potable irrigation system (NPIS) for the planned development. It is estimated that an NPIS could save up to $30 million in raw water dedication costs.

Because of the long-term nature of this project, Olsson will regularly update this article with project updates. Stay tuned!

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