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Expertise, excellent service helps Olsson land work with CF Industries

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gabrielle Lazaro, Communications

Based on Olsson Associates’ exceptional quality of work and relationships, the firm recently landed a $15 million building expansion project as part of a $1.7 billion plant expansion with CF Industries, a major producer of ammonia based fertilizer products located near Sergeant Bluff, Iowa.

“Much of this win was due to the fact that we’ve done a lot of good work for them already,” said Nick Decker, project engineer on the Omaha Mechanical/Electrical team.

CF Industries selected Olsson for its plant expansion project, which includes eight buildings that range from office to warehouse space, on both its new and existing sites.

Numerous Olsson teams will provide services such as mechanical/electrical, structural, land development, and automation technology for this project.

Olsson established a relationship with CF Industries two years ago when representatives met with CF Industries to provide non-destructive testing (NDT) services.

Rick Hanny, practice leader with Olsson’s Corporate Field Services team, said that, although Olsson ended up not winning the NDT project, the meeting opened the door for mechanical/electrical opportunities for the existing facility and for the recently won project.

“Knowing that they were going to put in a large addition—about a $1.7 billion expansion—I kept in touch with several CF Industries’ individuals over the next couple years,” he said.

Olsson also helped with the renovation to CF Industries’ existing warehouse about a year ago, which got put on hold for this current project, Nick said.

“That’s what brought us in,” he said. “They asked, ‘What else can you do for us?’ They wanted to learn more about Olsson Associates and how we could help them. We just talked about the services we have and the variety of projects we work on. That’s when they decided to give us the project.”

In addition, Olsson is currently providing HVAC design services for Performance Contractors, the general contractor for the project. The design services are for the new plant area on 18 buildings.

Nick said, since the project’s commencement, CF Industries has continuously awarded Olsson more work than originally planned, such as relocating a fuel island and designing a roadway and sanitation system. Within the last month, CF Industries asked for further assistance with controls and quality assurance-related work.

“They weren’t happy with what they had and they asked us to help,” Nick said. “Steve (Ingracia) spoke that language – the ‘controls’ language—which led us to additional work.”

Olsson teams will be working on an aggressive schedule with eight buildings designed to 30 percent completion by the end of summer or early fall. There will be about 2,200 people on site during the peak time of construction, making site safety crucial, Rick said.

Both Rick and Nick said they hope to continue providing services for CF Industries. The project will also expand Olsson’s service expertise that will be applied to both small and large clients

“This type of project helps expand Olsson’s resume and provides us opportunities to showcase what we do best—providing expert, in-house consultation with superior customer service,” Nick said.

The CF Industries expansion project is expected to be complete by early 2017.

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