Olsson Associates


Aug 28 2018

Bringing the home field advantage to a Kansas City high school

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

Spending up to 30 minutes driving to different places to practice. Playing every game at another school or site. That was reality for some student athletes at St. Pius X High School.

Aug 27 2018

Restoring the foundation of a national treasure

By Mark Derowitsch, Communications

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri, the Gateway Arch is an engineering marvel.

Aug 24 2018

Transforming a campus: Northeast Community College

By Alicia Krieger, Communications

The partnership between Olsson Associates and Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Neb. started with a typical survey project. Since then, it’s morphed into being the trusted civil design partner for the college.

Aug 23 2018

Exploring future career paths through firsthand experience

By Courtney Strayer, Communications Intern

The internship. It's a quintessential part to any post-secondary education.

Jul 10 2018

Canal path improvements enhance recreation and city connectivity in Scottsdale, Arizona

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

The Arizona Canal Path is a recreational hot spot for walkers, runners, and cyclists in Maricopa County, Arizona

Jul 09 2018

An innovative way to treat wastewater in Batesville, Arkansas

By Mark Derowitsch, Communications

When the city’s water treatment system reached the end of its lifespan, officials decided to infuse innovation into the city’s vital infrastructure.

Jul 06 2018

Meet Olsson's newest Industry Experts - Steve Iverson and Jeff Kopocis

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

Steve and Mark are great additions to Olsson and bring incredible value to our clients.

Jul 05 2018

American Burying Beetle season in full swing

By Megan Doolittle, Marketing

Managing the impacts of these beetles on proposed and active development projects takes careful planning, and execution, along with expertise.

May 24 2018

A renaissance in downtown Salina, Kansas

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

It's a phenomenon that is all too familiar in many cities. Downtowns that were once the center of the community are now experiencing empty storefronts and public spaces.

May 23 2018

Bringing drone technology to wind turbine access road design

By Rod Hanson, Professional Engineer

As interest in green power continues to increase, you'll see more and more wind turbines dotting the landscape.

May 22 2018

A partnership for 56 years... and growing

By Mark Derowitsch, Communications

Whenever city officials from Tecumseh, Nebraska, require an engineering firm, only one firm gets the call: Olsson Associates.

May 14 2018

Olsson Associates communicates expertise at ITS Heartland

By Angie Przbylo, Marketing

Presentation topics included extending communications networks, a unique approach to traffic systems management and operations, open data for traffic operations, and smart infrastructure.

Apr 24 2018

Revisiting Joplin, Missouri – Area devastated by tornado transforms into city showpiece

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

Transformation continues to take place in Joplin, Missouri. It is a journey of patience and perseverance as the community recovers from a 2011 tornado that took numerous lives and destroyed much of the city’s buildings and infrastructure.

Apr 23 2018

Unique pipeline will increase water supply for Nebraska residents

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

An Olsson engineer on a skateboard was deep inside the big, blue pipe as he conducted his final assessment. The 1,500-foot water pipe that was above ground weeks ago is now buried deep below the Platte River.

Apr 20 2018

Iowa State University project will make high-traffic area safer for students

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

Union Drive is a main entry point to Iowa State University and home to the largest residence hall on campus. The number of students, bicyclists, buses, and cars sharing the road has increased significantly over the years. Creating a safer space for pedestrians is the primary focus of this project.

Apr 19 2018

Olsson 2018 Project of Distinction award winners announced

By Leah Bucco-White, Communications

The Olsson Project of Distinction awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding projects completed by our teams every year. See this year's winners.

Mar 26 2018

Olsson helping to create a softball destination for Grand Island, Nebraska

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

When the City of Grand Island determined it needed to add softball fields to an existing athletic complex, Olsson Associates helped create a vision for a park that would offer so much more.

Mar 24 2018

Watershed management plan revived in Lenexa, Kansas

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

A watershed management project has come back to life following the recession. Olsson Associates provided alternative plans while meeting Lenexa’s goals for stormwater detention and water quality.

Mar 23 2018

Setting design trends

By Cory Wilson, Professional Engineer

Cutting edge software for more technical mechanical, electrical, and plumbing projects helps Olsson stay competitive in the industry. The software also allows Olsson to do the work in-house.

Feb 23 2018

New design brings better traffic flow to the Oklahoma City Zoo parking lot

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The Oklahoma City Zoo parking late was outdated and in need of an upgrade. Not only were there safety concerns for pedestrians crossing the lot, but buses had nowhere to park and dropp off visitors.

Feb 22 2018

Twelve Olsson Associates projects recognized by ACEC

By Alicia Krieger, Communications

Each year, many Olsson projects are submitted to the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for award consideration. This year, 12 Olsson projects received awards.

Feb 21 2018

Navigating the Waters of the United States: No certainty on the horizon

By Robert Parker, Environmental

The past month has seen substantial activity on the legal front stemming from several court cases challenging the waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, also known as the 2015 Clean Water Rule.

Jan 25 2018

U.S. Supreme Court rules 9-0 in favor of National Association of Manufacturers in Waters of the United States case

By Robert Parker, Environmental

Despite the recent government shutdown, the U.S. Supreme Court remained in business Monday and issued a unanimous ruling in favor of the National Association of Manufacturers, affirming that challenges to the waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule must be heard in federal district courts.

Jan 14 2018

A grand plan in North Texas begins to take shape

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Olsson Associates is providing civil engineering and landscape architecture design services for Grandscape—a 400-acre project under construction in The Colony, Texas. When finished, Grandscape will have its own city-like feel complete with apartments, a resort hotel, unique restaurants, and an assortment of shops and communal areas.

Jan 14 2018

How smart is your infrastructure?

By Blake Hansen, Civil Engineer

Lately, it seems it’s all about being “smart.” Smart phones, smart homes, smart cars, and even entire smart cities. But what does it really mean to be “smart”?

Jan 13 2018

Award-winning project in Louisville, Colorado, brings new approach to affordable housing

By Edie Adams, Marketing

In 2013, Boulder County took a step to address high housing costs. The county bought land to develop the Kestrel Affordable Housing development. Olsson was retained to provide civil engineering design services for the project.

Nov 21 2017

NPDES Permits: What are they and what do you need to know

By Mike Milius, Civil Engineer

The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is the permitting system used to monitor the location and establish discharge requirements for most of the treated water that is released into our environment every day.

Nov 18 2017

Nebraska company with global reach has a new home

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

An area southwest of Omaha is now home to a company that does business worldwide. Oxbow Animal Health recently relocated its facility from Murdock, Nebraska, to the Highway 50 corridor

Nov 17 2017

Helping stabilize a troubled building in Casper, Wyoming

By Ken Kilzer, Civil Engineer

At a medical office building in Casper, Wyoming, the wheelchairs roll unaided and wall partitions open by themselves. Olsson discovered the root of the problem.

Oct 18 2017

Need an engineering consultant? We have some tips on choosing the right one for you

By Stacy Clouse, Client Services

Hiring an engineering design consultant for your project is not a one-size-fits-all thing. You want a firm that can do the job, and works well with your company.

Oct 18 2017

Design-build project delivery

By Clif Warren, Senior Engineer

Design-build contracts are often used to accomplish architecture, engineering and construction of facilities, infrastructure, and public works projects. This type of contract provides for integrated design and construction services to be provided by one entity, the design-builder, under a single contract.

Oct 17 2017

Long-awaited improvements to an Omaha, Nebraska, road to get underway

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Construction will soon begin on a narrow stretch of road in southwest Omaha. The road has been plagued with traffic congestion.

Oct 14 2017

Olsson continues providing support to its Colorado oil and gas clients

By Jeff Edson, Field Operations

For decades, the oil and gas industry has sprawled across the state of Colorado, providing fuel for thousands of homes, jobs for thousands of people, and millions of dollars to local businesses.

Sep 18 2017

Watershed project transforms into popular recreation area in northeast Nebraska

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Several years ago, residents in Hubbard, Nebraska, had to travel long distances to enjoy fishing, boating, or afternoon picnics by the water. Today, the Danish Alps State Recreation Area sits near the town in northeast Nebraska.

Sep 16 2017

A solid solution prevents contamination from flood water

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Montauk State Park is a hot spot for trout fishing and canoeing. Olsson helped modify the park's wastewater lagoons to prevent contamination of a nearby river from potential flooding.

Sep 15 2017

Olsson serves as trusted on-call consultant for Denver Housing Authority

By Edie Adams, Marketing

“Affordable Housing” is becoming a buzz word in the State of Colorado, and particularly in the Denver Metro Area. Olsson Associates has become involved in numerous projects in the area to help make affordable housing available.

Sep 14 2017

Investment in Kansas City’s urban natural resources pays

By Ted Hartsig, Environmental

Those trees in your yard are saving you anywhere from 15 to 25 percent on your cooling and heating bills each year. That doesn’t include the 15 percent or more they add to the value of your property.

Aug 18 2017

The new Joplin, Missouri, public library: a bigger and environmentally friendly center for its patrons

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

If you go to 20th Street and Connecticut Avenue in Joplin, Missouri, you will also be at the center of knowledge, standing at the front door of the new and improved public library.

Aug 17 2017

Olsson biologist co-authors paper on species distribution models in wildlife conservation planning

By Chris Jorgensen, Environmental

Chris Jorgensen, a biologist at Olsson Associates, co-authored a paper, titled Species Distribution Models in Wildlife Planning: Agricultural Policy and Wildlife Management in the Great Plains.

Aug 16 2017

A cost-effective installation of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chilled water system

By Ben Day, Water Industry Expert

Construction is underway at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to incorporate thermal energy storage to its City Campus chilled water system. The project’s purpose is to produce chilled water at night during off-peak power periods, and store it for distribution during the day.

Aug 15 2017

Olsson helps bring a new school, YMCA, and park plan to life

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

In Lincoln, Nebraska, school is in session. And for the first time ever, students and teachers are in the classrooms of Marilyn Moore Middle School. The school is part of a multifaceted project Olsson helped bring together.

Jul 19 2017

Senior living facility in Joplin, Missouri, will offer variety of care

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

Most of us desire to remain in our own homes as we age. But, when those plans can’t be realized, caregivers of elderly people look for alternative living environments. A new senior living facility is coming to Joplin.

Jul 18 2017

Shelter from the storm: a history of design standards for storm shelters

By Ken Kilzer, Facilities Industry Expert

It’s funny, but true; those of us living and working in Tornado Alley are more likely to run outside and look to the sky when the storm sirens blow than seek shelter in the basement. But, when that tornado is bearing down, the sane among us run to the closest perceived place of safety; a building.

Jul 17 2017

Missouri town looks to Olsson to resolve flood plain problem

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

It had been a while since the City of Lebanon, Missouri, took a hard look at their Federal Emergency Management Agency flood insurance rate maps. After recent floods, the city had a suspicion the maps were unrealistic and the flood elevations were set too high.

Jun 21 2017

A review of fluvial erosion hazard setback methodologies and criteria

By Bill Spitz, Industry Expert

The epic floods of August 2011 in Vermont, and September 2013 in Colorado, reminded people how quickly rivers and streams can change and morph into extreme storm events causing catastrophic damage. The identification of Fluvial Hazard Zones has become a high priority in several states as they recover from major floods and transition toward long-term river corridor planning.

Jun 20 2017

Clean water mission: A journey to Tanzania to install a clean water system for its people

By Angie Przybylo, Marketing

In May, two Olsson Associates employees participated in a week-long trip to build a clean water installation in Tanzania, Africa.

Jun 19 2017

New bridge in Nebraska will extend Norfolk’s downtown

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Construction is right on schedule for a new bridge in Norfolk. The bridge will replace the current one on Norfolk Avenue – a major roadway that connects the community’s downtown to the growing East Norfolk neighborhoods.

Jun 17 2017

A gateway to western Omaha begins

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Avenue One is about to change the landscape of western Omaha, Nebraska. When complete, the development will include nearly 50 square blocks of mixed-use development, including a five-block urban corridor that will create a “downtown” atmosphere.

May 24 2017

New concept in commercial and residential spaces takes shape in Northern Colorado

By Edie Adams, Marketing

Olsson Associates is poised on the brink of a large legacy project in Severance, Colorado. Severance Shores South is a unique development featuring a mixture of homes, businesses, and parks.

May 23 2017

New bridge builds hope for businesses in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Over ten years ago, a group of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, city leaders identified that the extension of Tudor Road, was critical to the city’s infrastructure system.In 2011, the Tudor Road improvements project began, and Olsson Associates was hired as the engineer of record, handling everything from survey and design to construction administration.

May 22 2017

American Burying Beetle Survey Season is Upon Us

By Buck Ray, Environmental

The American Burying Beetle (ABB) is a federally listed engdangered species. Managing impacts of ABB on proposed and active development projects takes careful planning, as well as knowledgeable personnel.

May 09 2017

Long-time Kansas City planner Ralph Ochsner retires

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Ralph Ochsner, a long-time planner and owner of Ochsner Hare & Hare, the oldest landscape architecture firms in the United States, is retiring after 60 years of service in his field.

Apr 21 2017

Olsson part of team to bring luxury apartment living to downtown Overland Park, Kansas

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Making something old new again. That is what a development team is doing in downtown Overland Park. Olsson overcame an infrastructure challenge to help bring this project to reality.

Apr 20 2017

Olsson Associates develops triage plan to heal Lake Thunderbird

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Lake Thunderbird near Norman, Oklahoma offers camping, hiking, and a variety of water sports. It's also a source of drinking water for Norman. Olsson developed a plan to help slow the rate of pollution going into the lake.

Apr 19 2017

New trails bring bikers flocking to Fruita

By Edie Adams, Marketing

The western Colorado city of Fruita is fast becoming a prime spot for mountain biking. The Mack Ridge Trails near Fruita are the latest addition.

Apr 18 2017

Little Otter Creek Lake: A grassroots project 30 years in the making

By Angie Przybylo, Marketing

In Missouri, climate change is expected to cause increased risk of heat stress, flooding, drought, a highly variable water cycle, and other impacts now and in years to come. The citizens in Caldwell County, Missouri, formed a coalition nearly 30 years ago to develop a solution for their communities.

Mar 23 2017

Olsson Associates takes on Main Street project in Joplin, Missouri

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Joplin's Main Street was damaged from the 2011 tornado and aging. The city hired a team of firms, including Olsson, to design Main Street's new look.

Mar 22 2017

The University of Kansas Hospital to expand services with a new tower

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Growing patient volume and an increase in the demand for clinical services were the driving factors for expanding the University of Kansas Hospital.

Mar 21 2017

Olsson engineer contributes to widely-used wastewater facility manual

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The Operation of Water Resource Recovery Facilities Manual is in its seventh edition. Olsson engineer Jim Condon contributed two chapters to the widely used manual.

Mar 20 2017

What’s up with the Clean Water Rule?

By Joan Darling, Ph.D.

You probably have read that President Trump signed an Executive Order concerning the Clean Water Rule, but you might not be sure how this affects your project.

Feb 20 2017

Olsson Associates provides services for new Agrium facility

By Edie Adams, Marketing

Agrium, a high-tech agricultural research company, looked to Greeley, Colorado, for its new research facility. Olsson Associates was contacted to get involved with the design of the project.

Feb 14 2017

Teamwork makes water cooling tank possible for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

UNL has hired a team of firms, including Olsson Associates, to build a large thermal cooling tank to supply chilled water to its City Campus buildings.

Feb 13 2017

Six Olsson Associates projects recognized by ACEC

By Alicia Krieger, Communications

Six projects across the firm have been recognized this year by the American Council of Engineering Companies in its state-level contests.

Jan 19 2017

Olsson’s Drilling team takes on the challenge of winter

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

With most projects, large or small, Olsson’s design teams need to know as much as they can about the land they are building onto. It’s important to know about existing subsurface soil, bedrock, or other ground conditions before construction begins.

Jan 18 2017

Olsson helps Nebraska airport pave the way for more services

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Just a few years ago, Farrington Field in Auburn, Nebraska, was a quiet, small-town airport in need of significant improvements. Today, the airfield is a full-service, state-of-the-art facility with a paved runway, modern terminal, and a first-class hangar.

Jan 17 2017

Olsson Associates joins watershed protection team to assist Colorado flood recovery

By Edie Adams, Marketing

Colorado’s 2013 floods were devastating for many municipalities across the state, particularly for those near or within the foothills of northern Colorado. Olsson is part of a team to help with protection and restoration for those areas damaged by the floods.

Nov 16 2016

Temporary diverging diamond configuration improves traffic congestion during construction

By Reid Catt, Transportation

The U.S. 65 and Battlefield Road diverging diamond interchange (DDI) in Springfield, Missouri, provided Olsson with an opportunity to designed a temporary DDI configuration as a form of traffic control.

Nov 15 2016

New office complex will be signature piece for Iowa-based realty company

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The Westfield Office complex will bring R&R Realty headquarters to West Des Moines, Iowa. Olsson Associates has been selected to provide several services for the large project.

Oct 14 2016

Twenty-two-year remediation project in northern Colorado comes to a close

By Edie Adams, Marketing

The area was once home to a crude oil pumping facility and natural gas compressor station. In 1994, John Lohner, program leader for Olsson’s corporate energy services, began the remediation project for the area.

Sep 24 2016

Twenty years in the making: Antelope Valley project a success for Lincoln

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The timing was right for the largest infrastructure project in Lincoln, Nebraska. The project had been needed for some time, but in the mid-1990s, it all came together. The Antelope Valley project, an effort that would reshape much of downtown Lincoln, began and its work would continue on for the better part of two decades.

Sep 23 2016

New geotechnical systems will improve design and construction for our clients

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Tradition, integrity, and great client relationships – these things make a company attractive to its clients. Olsson Associates goes beyond these important elements. Staying on top of and in front of technology are also essential to the success of our clients. Olsson’s Geotechnical group has added some new tools to increase its capacity to perform work firmwide. This investment will better serve our clients.

Sep 20 2016

Brownfields: A catalyst for community redevelopment

By Angie Przybylo, Marketing

Coffeyville was among 171 communities nationwide that received funding through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Brownfields grant program in 2014. Olsson provided technical support for the projects.

Sep 19 2016

Landscape architecture of Hare & Hare on display in exhibit

By Alicia Krieger, Communications

The original father and son firm of Hare & Hare, founded in 1910, played a significant role in the development of Kansas City, Missouri. The two were instrumental in designing of Kansas City’s parks and boulevard system, the original Country Club Plaza, and residential communities in the Country Club District.

Aug 17 2016

Olsson Associates to help make Ballparks of the Ozarks a reality

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

Ballparks of the Ozarks, a new state-of-the-art facility, will be built on a 239-acre site just west of Camdenton, Missouri. Olsson Associates will provide multiple engineering and design services for the project.

Aug 16 2016

Permit changes could affect your project if it involves wetlands

By Joan Darling, Lincoln Environmental

Many of Olsson’s clients have projects that affect wetlands or streams. Whether it’s a new commercial development, a bridge replacement on a county road, a new flood control reservoir, or a myriad of other types of projects, these impacts to waters of the U.S. require a Clean Water Act Section 404 permit.

Aug 15 2016

Olsson delivers solution for Colorado ranch water delivery system

By Edie Adams, Marketing

The owners of RT Ranch — which is a self-supporting, off-grid custom home that generates its own electricity through solar power and propane generators — desired to supplement their electrical portfolio with hydroelectricity. The ranch is located four miles from the nearest county road on a private, unpaved road below the summit of Mount Sopris. It’s adjacent to United States Forest Service (USFS) land and does not have any nearby utilities, requiring a unique setup that is the largest residential off-grid power system in the state of Colorado.

Jul 15 2016

Mall renovation includes an amphitheater makeover

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Anyone shopping at the Arrowhead Towne Center open air mall in Glendale, Arizona, might consider watching a concert in the newly renovated amphitheater. The 1.2 million-square-foot mall remodeling project included the entertainment area. Nearly eight million people visit Arrowhead Towne Center each year. After 20 years as Glendale’s only traditional shopping mall, owner Macerich decided it was time to give it more than just a facelift. The remodeling includes new interior and exterior features,

Jul 14 2016

Olsson scientists monitor for listed bat species

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

For many people, bats invoke the image of old vampire movies or they are nuisances that get into your attic. However, bats are a valuable part of our environment. Some species are rare and protected by federal law. The Environmental team at Olsson Associates offers bat acoustic monitoring to clients who need to know which species live and migrate within the scope of their projects. Most bats are a natural form of pest control because they eat insects such as mosquitos. Olsson environmental scie

Jul 13 2016

Olsson helps ‘Top 10’ city reduce flooding hazards downtown

By Edie Adams, Marketing

Louisville, Colorado, once a mining community in the late 1800s, is a thriving suburb of Boulder. Several times in the past decade, Money magazine ranked Louisville in its top 10 places to live, and in 2009, Louisville was ranked number one. A significant portion of downtown Louisville is in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain, which puts homes and businesses at risk and hinders development in this desirable place to live. The primary obstacle for conveyance of storm flows is a railroad embankment.

Jun 21 2016

Olsson creates partnerships, cost savings for centralized fiber connectivity

By Angie Przybylo, Marketing

The primary objective of centralizing a local area network (LAN) is to create technology, staff, and financial efficiencies. To illustrate this model, let’s take a look at the Park Hill School District in Kansas City.

Jun 18 2016

An education in standards for integrity testing of tanks, vessels, and piping systems

By Shawn Zablocki, Program Leader

Certain government regulations require integrity inspections of ethanol tanks, vessels, and process piping. In particular, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) Rule and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Risk Management Program (RMP) and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations require that this testing be performed. While EPA and OSHA require that testing and inspection be performed, they do not dictate how to

May 26 2016

Olsson Associates helps Maricopa County navigate variance request

By Alicia Krieger, Communications

Working with the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and the Cities of Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona, Olsson Associates is completing a vegetation variance request for the fourteen-mile-long Indian Bend Wash Levee System that is regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

May 24 2016

New wastewater treatment plant keeps the flow in Crete

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

In 2012, Olsson Associates was hired to design Crete’s new wastewater treatment plant. The original facility was built in the mid-1970s, with updates completed in the late 1980s. Olsson provided many services for the $11 million project.

Apr 19 2016

Johnson Drive Reconstruction and Markey Parkway & Towne Center Drive improvement projects earn recognition

By Alicia Krieger, Communications

Recently, Olsson Associates was recognized for its excellence on the Johnson Drive Reconstruction project and the Markey Parkway and Towne Center Drive project. Both projects received the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) award in the transportation category (Kansas City Metro Chapter), while the Johnson Drive reconstruction project also won the Capstone Award (infrastructure category) from the Kansas City Business Journal.

Apr 19 2016

Using creativity in stormwater study helps Colorado State University reduce construction and maintenance costs

By Amber Kauffman, PE, CFM

Going beyond the usual engineering approach to comply with city detention requirements allowed Olsson Associates to come up with an unexpected solution for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Complex at the Colorado State University (CSU) south campus in Fort Collins.

Apr 18 2016

Olsson helps bring ultra-fast Internet service to Lincoln

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

It’s a common issue in many households. One person is on a computer streaming a video, another is on a tablet, and kids are playing a videogame online—all at the same time. The “spinning wheel of death” pops up on the screen indicating an Internet slowdown, and everyone becomes frustrated. This is all changing in Lincoln, Nebraska. ALLO Communications, a Nelnet company that provides TV, phone, and Internet services, announced last fall that they’re bringing ultra-fast Internet to the city. Olsso

Mar 22 2016

Olsson expands its Power Transmission and Distribution services

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Olsson’s transmission and distribution (T&D) services just got a little bigger. It’s part of Olsson’s commitment to providing services in the T&D industry since the company’s early years. That commitment means bringing additional experts on board. Olsson hired Paul Williams, PE, to lead the T&D program. Travis Carnes, PE, is the newest addition to the expanded team.

Mar 22 2016

Blending the best of urban living with suburban northern Colorado

By Dan Hull, PE, Land Development

Olsson’s Land Development team is working with the architects and developers who recently completed work on the wildly successful Downtown Denver Union Station. The project is an exciting, multifamily development project in Fort Collins (Colorado) that blends the best of upscale, urban living with the community feeling and beauty of northern Colorado.

Mar 22 2016

Olsson to open office in Council Bluffs

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Olsson Associates is expanding its presence in western Iowa. To better serve clients in the area, Olsson will open a full-service office in Council Bluffs. The new office will be located near City Hall in the historic Abstract Guaranty building. It’s been a busy time for the firm. Over the past decade, Olsson has been actively involved in dozens of projects in the Council Bluffs area. The new location enhances the company’s commitment to clients in the area.

Feb 22 2016

Wind energy propels Olsson into new opportunities

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

You’ve most likely seen them. Giant structures looming against the sky with massive blades turning in the wind. These wind farms are capable of providing power to thousands of homes and businesses. In the United States, you can find thousands of wind turbines in the “wind belt” which spans the Midwest, Great Plains, and Southwest. Olsson Associates recognized more than 10 years ago that this wind belt matched up well with where the firm’s offices are located. In addition, with all of the service

Feb 18 2016

3D scanning: The applications are endless

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The LIDAR 3D scanner is not pretty. It’s a gray and green square-shaped piece of technology that oscillates on a tripod as it quietly operates. But, the inner workings of the high-definition scanner (HDS) produces imagery that is colorful, almost beautiful. The applications for 3D scanning are endless, and Eddie Fossler and his Survey team at Olsson Associates are finding ways to use the equipment effectively.

Feb 18 2016

Olsson Associates donates services to museum; design brings vision to life

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

An F-104 Starfighter jet is poised to take flight at the Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma. The new display greets visitors as they approach the main entrance of the museum. The same aircraft was previously on display at the airport entrance near I-40 on Route 66.

Jan 15 2016

New Olsson geotechnical office lays the groundwork for Denver aerospace engineering building

By Jeff Edson, Geotechnical

Olsson’s new Colorado-based Field Services Practice Group office in Denver is playing a significant role as Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) builds an Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building[HB1] on its downtown Denver campus. Olsson is providing geotechnical, construction inspection, and testing services along with environmental services on the project. The project faces multiple construction challenges on a land-locked, student-filled campus in an area with a relatively high wate

Jan 14 2016

Olsson team wins Project Team of the Year for Springfield’s Sherwood Elementary School

By Cameron Smith, Land Development

Olsson was part of a team that was recently awarded the 2015 Project Team of the Year by the Springfield Contractors Association for the team’s work on Springfield, Missouri, Public Schools’ new Sherwood Elementary School project. The association presented this award on November 5, 2015, at their annual 2015 Salute to Design and Construction Banquet.

Nov 13 2015

Olsson’s ACEC Colorado Engineering Excellence Award highlights win-win scenario

By Mary Sullivan, Communications

"Collaborative, personal, and innovative" were just a few words used by Fruita, Colorado, City Engineer Samuel Akins to describe his experience working with Olsson on the city's Kokopelli Trail Survey Project, which used an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) in an innovative way. Akins wasn't alone in his opinion when Olsson's work on the project won an American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Engineering Excellence Award for the Colorado region. This is the first time in ACEC of Colorado's 4

Nov 11 2015

Ballparks of America selects Olsson for 'ultimate experience' services

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

Billed as the “ultimate youth baseball experience,” a proposed $24 million youth baseball facility, called Ballparks of America, will take over one of Branson, Missouri’s, known landmarks. To help bring the project to fruition, Olsson will provide numerous engineering and design services for this one-of-a-kind baseball facility.

Aug 17 2015

Airboats and alligators: A day in the life of a fluvial geomorphologist

By William Spitz, PG, Water Resources

"Fluvial geomorphologist" is not a job title that inspires much excitement in the masses. But understanding what a fluvial geomorphologist actually does can pique some interest. In fact, Olsson's fluvial geomorphology services can be invaluable when dealing with a project that is impacted by water flow.

Aug 17 2015

Olsson helps UNK grow for the future with utility corridor expansion

By Mary Sullivan, Communications

The students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) have big plans for their futures. To match these ambitions, UNK is continually working on big plans for its campus. One of UNK’s “big plans” is its initiative to develop its west campus. Part of this development includes the West Campus Utility Corridor Expansion project, which extends the existing heating and cooling system to provide service to UNK’s west campus. Olsson Associates helped design this major utility corridor extension to

Jul 28 2015

Olsson drones cleared for takeoff

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Olsson's clients are now able to have an "eye in the sky" as a service option for their projects. Olsson Associates was recently awarded federal approval for commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). This is good news for clients needing services that include aerial photography and videography, photogrammetric surveys, or knowledge of suspected leaks at oil and gas facilities. With the permit, Olsson can now perform these services and others more quickly and cost efficiently using its UAS

Jul 28 2015

Palmer, Nebraska: Small town, big dreams

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The Village of Palmer, Nebraska, is a nook of a town located approximately 30 miles north of Grand Island. Palmer began as a railroad town in the late 1800s, and today, nearly 500 people call it home. Although modest in size, Palmer's design improvements showcase its vibrancy and dedication to its growth.

Jun 17 2015

Renovations a ‘home run’ for Joplin’s Joe Becker Baseball Stadium

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

Desiring to bring baseball back to a once very active venue, the City of Joplin has taken a "big swing" to revitalize the historic Joe Becker Baseball Stadium. Olsson was selected to help with the renovations.

Jun 15 2015

EPA issues new rule for U.S. waters: Impacts for clients

By Joan Darling, Ph.D., Environmental Assessment

Anyone who has a project that could impact wetlands or streams is obviously concerned about the implications of the Environmental Protection Agency's new rule regarding U.S. waters, and—in reading the latest headlines—it appears that this rule may create very big problems, indeed. But let’s move past the headlines and see what the rule really says, and what the rule potentially means to Olsson clients.

Jun 15 2015

A brief history of the Clean Water Act

By Joan Darling, Ph.D., Environmental Assessment

In order to understand why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency developed the Clean Water Act rule, it’s important to understand some of the history of the CWA, which was enacted in 1972.

May 18 2015

Olsson helps Grand Island schools build to meet growing needs

By Mary Sullivan, Communications

The public schools in Grand Island, Nebraska, were running out of room–and fast. Olsson is helping with several of these projects, which include expanding and adding new units, renovating existing classrooms and wings, and adding one brand-new elementary school.

May 18 2015

Heightening the ‘fan experience’ with landscape architecture

By Darren Varner, Senior Landscape Architect with Ochsner Hare & Hare, a design studio of Olsson Associates

When designing a road or a building, it’s critical for engineers to follow industry standards. But beyond the project’s construction, designers should also ask who will be using the project and how their experience can be made even better. Someone intimately familiar with heightening this “spectator experience” is a landscape architect.

May 18 2015

Olathe plans for the future with a transportation master plan

By Angie Przybylo, Marketing

Faced with growing development and an influx of residents, the City of Olathe, Kansas, used Olsson’s services to create a transportation master plan to plan for the community's future.

Apr 22 2015

Springfield’s diverging diamond sparkles with innovation

By Mary Sullivan, Communications

Every once in a while—through the persistence of a detail-oriented team—a new method of design is hit right on the head the first time it's put into practice. Such was the case for Project Manager Kelly Turner and his team’s work on the Route 65 and Battlefield Road diverging diamond interchange (DDI) project in Springfield, Missouri.

Apr 17 2015

Joplin’s Mercy Hospital keeps its promise with Olsson’s help

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

Following the devastating EF-5 tornado that destroyed its facilities in 2011, Mercy Hospital officials turned to Olsson to provide numerous engineering services. Olsson helped the hospital rebuild in an unprecedented 39 months.

Mar 18 2015

Site certification – investing wisely

By Courtney Dunbar,CEcD, EDFP, AICP, Industrial Site Consulting

Selecting the perfect locations for new corporate expansions is certainly no easy feat. Companies considering expanding or selecting new locations face a complicated set of tasks in determining the facility's location to ensure optimal operational efficiency. Within recent years, the economic development community, which includes Olsson professionals, has worked toward making this process a little less cumbersome and, markedly, quicker through the site certification process. Site certification c

Mar 18 2015

Preparing for floods vital to a healthy, safe community

By Brian Varrella, PE, CFM, Water Resources

As any flood survivor knows, water’s extreme power can have a significant impact on people’s lives. That’s why preparing for floods is critical for communities. Olsson Associates has professionals who are experts in helping communities stay safe from flooding.

Mar 18 2015

An ounce of (explosion) prevention equals a pound of cure

By Derek Farmer, Environmental Safety

There are many facets to reducing combustible dust risk, but it all starts with protecting our most important assets in business—Olsson’s clients and employees. In reality, combustible dust is everywhere in agriculture and industrial settings, and it is can be difficult for producers to maintain compliance with current standards. Olsson has expertise in managing and reducing risks associated with combustible dust, and complying with federal standards to maintain safe workplaces.

Feb 19 2015

Designing ‘glass highways’ to transport data

By David Hoelzel, Technology Services

All across the United States, metropolitan landscapes are experiencing exponential growth in highway systems. But these highways aren’t meant for cars. Rather, they’re data highways, and they’re allowing for instant access to data like never before. Olsson Associates is in the middle of this growth, designing and overseeing the installation of fiber optic infrastructure and helping clients make the most of their fiber.

Feb 18 2015

Protected bike lane still on track

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

It’s been a long time coming. After two years of planning, discussing, and designing, the N Street Protected Bikeway in Lincoln, Nebraska, will become reality by the end of next year. Olsson Associates has helped bring this project to fruition.

Feb 18 2015

Olsson wins big with 2015 KC Capstone Awards

By Angie Przybylo, Marketing

The Kansas City Business Journal recently announced the winners for its 10th annual Capstone Awards, which honor achievements in Kansas City’s real estate developments. Olsson was pleased to be involved with four of the award-winning projects.

Feb 18 2015

Award-winning drainage project mitigates flooding in Phoenix neighborhood

By Rachel Wiester, Marketing

For its work on the Lafayette Interceptor Drain and Outlet project in the Phoenix neighborhood of Arcadia, Olsson’s Phoenix Water Resources team won a 2014 American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Arizona Engineering Excellence Honor Award.

Feb 18 2015

Air Consulting team expands, invests in new emissions technology to help oil and gas clients

By Paul Kuhns, Air Consulting

With an eye toward the future to best assist its oil and gas clients, Olsson has expanded its roster of professionals who are skilled in operating Optical Gas Imaging cameras, the latest in emission-detecting technology.

Jan 21 2015

Olsson harnesses SCADA technology

By Warren Humphrey, Automation and Technology

An engineer in Kansas City, Missouri, receives an alarm on her cell phone that there has been an equipment failure at her wastewater treatment plant in Springfield. A utility superintendent remotely logs in from home to check on a problem with the city water supply. An electrical line worker can monitor re-closer faults from his office computer. All of this is possible because of Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology, and it may be one of Olsson Associates’ best-kept secrets

Jan 14 2015

Olsson assists Arizona homeowners affected by new FEMA floodplain map

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Hundreds of residents in Maricopa, Arizona, could see their flood insurance rates fall now that Olsson is completing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Elevation Certificates for them.

Jan 14 2015

Olsson dry dam project approved

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Waverly’s dry dam plan, a project six years in the making, has finally begun to take shape. The recently approved plan calls for a dry dam to be built near the town. The nearly $3 million earthen structure, which will be designed by Olsson Associates, will hold back potential flood waters from Ash Hollow Creek.

Jan 14 2015

Water resources services expands to help Colorado’s western slope and beyond

By Luke Gingerich, PE, Water Resources

With 80 percent of Colorado’s water resources originating on Colorado’s western slope, agricultural water suppliers and municipal water providers located there can be assured they’ve got expertise right in their backyards to help navigate water demand challenges as Colorado’s population continues to grow. Olsson Associates has developed a full-service Water Resources team on Colorado’s western slope to assist communities and water users.

Nov 14 2014

Spatial modeling contributes to species’ survival

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

Similar to a business selecting its ideal location for its facilities, wildlife must also choose wisely when selecting their habitats. Knowing where wildlife have “set up shop” can be crucial for organizations looking to build in an area or for groups seeking to protect certain habitats. Olsson’s Environmental team provides spatial modeling to help clients site their facilities or plan for successful habitat restoration efforts.

Nov 14 2014

Olsson’s Land Development expertise creates a win-win for Greeley project

By Kris Pickett and Dan Hull, PE, Land Development

Faced with high infrastructure costs that were driving away potential homebuilders, Richmark Real Estate selected Olsson to take a fresh look at its housing development concept in Greeley, Colorado. This exercise led to savings of potentially $2.5 million in infrastructure costs and created major development efficiencies.

Nov 14 2014

Study on discolored water in Nebraska town reveals bigger issue

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The Minden City Council hired Olsson Associates earlier this year to study Minden’s water woes and come up with a solution. During the process, a larger concern regarding water capacity was discovered.

Oct 15 2014

Olsson dives into Missouri watershed project

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The East Locust Creek Reservoir in Sullivan County will provide water supply to a 10-county area. Olsson was recently awarded a $2.3 million contract for the design and permitting of the dam and reservoir.

Oct 14 2014

Youth soccer fields at Swope Park open with celebration

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The soccer season at Swope Park Soccer Village has begun. A celebration was held to mark the completion of the second phase of the project. Olsson provided many services for the development of the park.

Oct 14 2014

Storm drainage master plans yield big benefits for communities

By Deb Ohlinger, PE, CFM, Water Resources

Every five years, the City and County of Denver is required, by ordinance, to update its storm drainage master plan. Olsson was chosen to be part of a collaborative team of four engineering firms to complete this enormous task.

Sep 30 2014

Olsson Associates honored with prestigious Cornerstone Award

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce honored Olsson as the outstanding business of the year.

Sep 12 2014

Streetscape project in Fruita, Colorado, honors the past, envisions the future

By Wyatt E. Popp, PE, LEED® AP, Land Development

Olsson helps design downtown beautification project for downtown Fruita. City leaders saw the need for downtown infrastructure that actively supported a community feeling. A downtown master plan was developed that would encourage people to enjoy downtown Fruita.

Sep 08 2014

Olsson is helping to make “great outdoors” even greater at Montauk State Park

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

Montauk State Park in Salem, Missouri, is famous for its rainbow trout and brown trout. With an increase in visitors, the park is now working towards expanding its already extensive recreational vehicle and campsite area.

Sep 05 2014

Arizona office is part of the solar movement

By Mary Sullivan, Communications

Olsson Associates is taking part in solar site expansion for the Fort Huachuca Military Base. It will be larger than any existing solar array on any U.S. Department of Defense base in the world. Olsson was asked to provide surveying and engineering services for the project.

Sep 04 2014

MDNR grant funding is available for water engineering report services

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources recently released a letter explaining the financial assistance available to eligible community water systems for engineering report services for the 2014 calendar year. The purpose of MDNR’s funding is to provide communities with the first step toward implementing changes to their water system.

Aug 11 2014

Olsson balances nature and urban environment to design city stream

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

The South Creek Channel in Springfield, Missouri, is a one-mile, concrete-lined urban streamway that runs through a highly developed area of Springfield. Seeking a more natural setting for area residents to visit and play by, the city selected Olsson Associates to produce a design that will restore the creek to a more ecological condition.

Aug 08 2014

Soil enhancement critical for long-term restoration

By Ted Hartsig, CPSS, Environmental Assessment

What do a former bombing range near Denver, the Bush Library in Dallas, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and oil and gas pad sites in Colorado have in common? In each of these areas, the quality of the area’s soil and vegetation has huge impacts on the surrounding community. Olsson’s soil scientists have been involved in several soil projects that have helped communities to thrive.

Aug 06 2014

Olsson achieves tight-turnaround design for “tight-turn” roadway challenge

By Mary Sullivan, Communications

“Faster” was the mantra for representatives with Adams County, Nebraska. The county needed a solution to get trucks through Hastings, Nebraska, more quickly. It also needed a quality design created in a tight time frame to accommodate the project’s financing. Olsson was able to deliver on both fronts.

Jul 18 2014

Threatened Lesser Prairie Chicken has big industry’s attention

By Aaron Ball and Eric Petterson, Environmental Assessment

For being a diminutive bird, the lesser prairie chicken (LEPC) has no idea the large impact its presence is having on industries that focus on renewable energy and oil and gas. The grassland nesting bird was recently listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and Olsson Associates has the expertise to help its clients navigate the new federal regulations designed to protect the species.

Jul 17 2014

Olsson to help rebuild a ‘stronger,’ ’better’ Joplin after 2011 tornado

By Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

The City of Joplin, Missouri, recently selected the Olsson-led team to perform the majority of the city’s Community Development Block Grant-funded work to rebuild the infrastructure that was damaged by the devastating May 2011 tornado.

Jun 24 2014

Remembering Olsson employees Dan Nichols and Jerry Kamtz

By Lisa Sedivy, Communications

We’ve appreciated the support we’ve received from so many as we grieve our co-workers and friends, Dan Nichols and Jerry Kamtz. Since we have received many requests, we’ve provided information about their memorials here.

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